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  • WebRTC data channels for lightweight peer-to-peer communication with no plugins
  • Support live and VOD streams over MPEG-dash protocol
  • Very easy to integrate with an existing dash.js project
  • Seamlessly fallback to normal server usage if a browser doesn't support WebRTC
  • Compatible with all CDNs, agnostic to DRM and video codecs. No service side changes required.
  • Support most popular HTML5 players such as video.js、DPlayer
  • Efficient scheduling policies to enhance the performance of P2P streaming
  • Use IP database to group up peers by ISP and regions

Browser Support

WebRTC has already been incorporated into the HTML5 standard and it is broadly deployed in modern browsers. The compatibility of CDNBye depends on the browser support of WebRTC and Hls.js. Please note that iOS Safari "Mobile" does not support the MediaSource API.

CompatibilityChromeFirefoxMac SafariAndroid Wechat/QQOperaEdgeIEiOS Safari


Dash.js version >= v3.1.0